“Veil couture

Through veils, Ofrenda Studio honour the ones who came before us while exploring tradition as a dynamic pursuit, only able to exist through change and renewal. A veil is a beautiful object capable of holding the tension between tradition and modernism. Its meaning it’s given only by the person who wears it. The purpose of Ofrenda Studio is to renew their use as a ritual of self expression, free from outdated beliefs about love and marriage. Marriage should mean whatever the people involved want it to mean and only that.

An Ofrenda is an altar, built to honour lost loved ones, essential part of the Day of the Death celebration in Mexico. An ever-evolving Holiday, rooted in Aztec tradition, later fused with Spanish practices. Ofrendas are not meant to worship our ancestors but to celebrate their memory. Each altar, as unique as the person who is gone, is an extraordinary ritual of self expression by the people who built it. While this practice is a result of tradition, it is capable of holding beauty and meaning on its own.

From the impossibly cool to the effortlessly classic, Ofrenda Studio designs veils for the most style-savvy brides. The collection is full of gorgeous veils to add a modern twist to your wedding-day look. Begin your love story over a breathtaking wildflower meadow with their Secret Garden veil, a blooming flora intricately embroidered over delicate ivory tulle.

Another favourite is their Nuit veil, with a light sprinkle of unique botanical flowers createing an ethereal, organic look that is sure to turn heads. Every flower is one of a kind and delicately embroidered onto soft tulle, each with a different technique. Or stay rooted with mother Earth as you walk down the isle in their flower vine veil, Terra. Crisp ivory blooms are delicately embroidered on the lower half of the veil, framing your dress and allowing you to shine on your own.

Veil couture at its best with intricate embroidery, lustrous glass pearls and crystals, organza inserts, tulle, silk and cotton threads, finished off with golden combs. The perfect accent to complete a sleek wedding gown.


Ofrenda Studio is exclusively available in Norway at White by Green.