“Pretty pleats”

The smash hit Loeffler Randall has enriched the fashion world with its special and stunning shoes since the launch in New York in 2004. The girl behind the brand is Jessie Randall, created as a consequence of being dissatisfied with never finding the perfect pair of shoes she wanted. Brimming with modern silhouettes and supremely, special details her shoes are personal, exciting, innovative and artistic. They are like butterflies with beautiful colors, patterns and characteristic feminine touches. Individualism flourishes with these shoes on, bringing to mind Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City. A delightfully imaginative brand, creative and different, with the cutest selection of high-heeled sandals, platforms and flats, handbags and accessories.

Creativity is at the heart of what Loeffler Randall do, making distinctive products in high quality with attention to every detail. They are diligently working on their craft, honing their accessory-making expertise and expressing their creativity through signature designs that convey their unique aesthetic. Beautiful, handcrafted products takes time to make and the collection is created in small, considered batches with the aim of selling out to reduce waste and ensure that the pieces are made thoughtfully, with appropriate time and care.

Her signature Camellia heels, are handcrafted using the finest materials available with over 400 pleats in each pair, before hand tying each knotted bow. From forever favorite, pleated styles in gold and classic, pearl organza to new materials like shimmery, metallic lamé in platinum, beauty blush colored sheer fabric, and the “something blue” , these pieces are the perfect “wow” shoe for the big day. Loeffler Randall are more than just shoes, they are jewelry for your feet.




Loeffler Randall is exclusively available in Norway at White by Green.


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